Friday, October 8, 2010

Candidate Questionnaire: Jerry Rubin (4 year Santa Monica city council seat)

1) Do you ride a bike, and if so, describe it?

Not for quite a while (See final comment section).

2) If you ride, what kinds of trips do you make by bike, how often, and do you ever ride with friends or family?

Sounding good!  Maybe I should look into getting a bike.

3) On the Council, what will you do to ensure the goals set by the LUCE plan for various bicycling improvements, are seen through to completion in a timely and accountable fashion as we move forward. Additionally for incumbents, what are any notable actions you've done on the council in the past to improve the environment for bicycling in Santa Monica?

I am a big supporter of the positive LUCE goals for bike improvements.
4) $20,000 was recently budgeted by the council specifically for bicycling education. How do you think that money would be best spent?

A bicycle riding brochure emphasizing bike safety and etiquette as well as the positive health and environmental benefits.

5) How would you work to improve the safety of our streets for all users?

Education,education,education!  Also, more bike lanes, bike parking and street signs.

6) In the interest of improving multi-modal connectivity, would you support upgrading Big Blue Bus racks to ones that can house 3 bikes? As some bus stops in the city are being upgraded, would you ensure bike parking considerations are made at important bus stops in addition to the coming expo-rail station stops?

Three bike racks sounds positive.  More bike parking availability, including parking lots could be positive.
7) What will you do to ensure that resources for bicycling are distributed equitably through out the city?

[Note from Gary; I included a specific example of bad parking availability and insecure lock up in my context for question which Jerry responds to in parentheses.]

(People who chain their bikes to trees should be aware how easily a thief can just slide the bike over the top of the tree.) Seriously, I would support  a town hall/ neighborhood community group meeting to get input on bike parking expansion opportunities.

8) What would you do to ensure it be common knowledge that bicycles belong on the street, and that everyone, including drivers, understand the various rights, rules and regulations as they pertain to cycling?

All bike education programs should be geared to include all other vehicle drivers as well as pedestrians. Shared responsibility is the key.  But, bike riding on Santa Monica sidewalks is very dangerous and should be reemphasized as to its illegality. Bike riding on the sidewalk certainly goes against Santa Monica's ongoing efforts to promote a pedestrian friendly environment.
9)  How would you propose improving bicycling connectivity to the beach bike path, to promote more synergy with beach riders and local business, as well reduce driving trips to the beach by residents who live close enough to ride there?

More bike friendly signs. More connectivity. More beach bike parking. Valet bike parking is excellent!

Bonus) Finally, you can also include any comment you'd like to say to my readers on any topic you'd like.

I have never had a car in my life. I walk and take our fine Big Blue Bus mostly. But I'm getting interested again in getting a bike just for the exercise and fun of it.

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