Wednesday, November 3, 2010

City of L.A. Bike Plan Goes To Planning Commission Tomorrow, Cyclists Encouraged To Show Numbers At City Hall & Voice Concerns

Little Kid On Little Tall Bike
( Some are saying the bike plan comes up a little short. )

For those who have not been following from other sources, the City of L.A. planning commission will be reviewing the bike plan update. Once approved by the planning commission, modifications will be more difficult to make. Cycling activists and organizations are all highly encouraging cyclists to show up to make our presence felt to the planning commission, whether that be in support or against aspects of the plan. Though many activists take issue with a number of aspects of the plan. While LACBC had initially encouraged cyclists to come support the plan and listed some positive aspects, they have also since joined the voices of activists like Joe Linton, Alex Thompson, Stephen Box and Josef Bray-Ali in calling for aspects where the plan is lacking or even weaker than the 1996 plan to be fixed before approval.

I have admittedly been more out of the loop on the L.A. bike plan developments than I would like, having been very busy and locally Santa Monica focused lately, so I apologize for the lack updates on my blog. I am going to try and make it out to the meeting tomorrow to add to the chorus and write in comments on the bike plan website. Whether you live in City of L.A. or not, if your in any of the municipalities connected to it, what the City of L.A. does effects everyone in the region. If you want to get up to speed on where the bike plan is at, and where it has been, Joe Linton's recent post for Streetsblog is highly informative and I recommend you check it out.

The meeting is tomorrow Thursday November 4th 2010 at 8:30am in the City Council Chambers on the 3rd floor of City Hall, at 200 North Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles 90012. If you can't make it out, but want your voice heard, I encourage you to write in a comment, they are looking at everything that comes in and gauging how people feel about the plan. The planning commission e-mail

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