Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa Monica Bike Action Plan, Public Open House Meeting, December 13th

(Document presented at environmental task force meeting reveals the plan for the process of the plan)
Santa Monica is updating it's bicycle master plan in the coming year, along with many cities that are either updating or drafting plans where one did not exist before. Santa Monica's previous bike plan, from 1995, has been long over due for an update. The new long term plan for all land use in Santa Monica, the LUCE, includes a number of elements pertaining to bicycling as a desired mode of transportation to reduce car trips, and includes a map of routes. The LUCE is a broad vision for a future Santa Monica, but the bike plan update, now being dubbed the bike action plan, will lay out more specifics, and set time-lines for improvements.

Monday December 13th at 6:30 PM, at the Civic Center, will be a big community open house forum to gather input for the plan. It's important we have as many cyclists as possible get involved. Both to show support for an ambitious bike plan, and provide detailed input on where improvements are most needed and what we would like to see. Having numbers will also help counter any nay-sayers with a wind shield perspective that show up and argue their personal convenience as a driver is more valuable than our rights and personal safety as bicyclists. So save the date, December 13th.

The full release from the city is below:

Bicycling is a critical issue in the City of Santa Monica right now because it helps us achieve goals in many critical areas: sustainable living, greenhouse gas emission reduction requirements, active living, open space/recreation, traffic & parking solutions and accommodating arts, cultural, commercial and civic activities without choking the City on cars. It is the fastest growing transportation mode for our largest employers, the City’s own pool bicycle fleet is now larger than its auto fleet and interest is growing in cycling not only in Santa Monica, but in the region and the country.

LUCE, the recently adopted Land Use and Circulation Element, includes a future bicycle network with goals, policies, and actions for bicycling. The Planning and Community Development Department is currently preparing a Bicycle Action Plan, which will set forth an implementation strategy for realizing the LUCE vision for bicycling. We need your help in prioritizing and identifying programs like bike education, safe routes to school as well local and citywide bicycle improvements that need to be made so that we can create a place where everyone wants to ride and feels comfortable doing it.

Please join us from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday December 13, 2010 at the Civic Center Auditorium east wing for an open house style meeting to discuss bicycling and provide feedback on issues and priorities for the Bicycle Action Plan. Feedback from this meeting, as well as a public survey, will be incorporated in the Bicycle Action Plan which will be issued next year. The Civic Center is accessible by Big Blue Bus lines 1,2,3,4, 7, Rapid 7, and 8. There will be additional bike parking for the event. Please contact Michelle Glickert for special arrangements or questions 310.458.2204.

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