Friday, November 5, 2010

Update On L.A. Bike Plan & Planning Commission Meeting, A Victory For Cyclists

 09 Los Angeles City Hall (E)
At the L.A. planning commission meeting yesterday, cycling activists from all over the spectrum united in calling for the plan to have some key revisions made before being declared final. The meeting lasted forever, and I had to bail early for work, but Joe Linton has a run down of the whole day over at Streetsblog. Cyclists had a victory yesterday, with the plan being put off until the next planning commission meeting, with a sub-committee formed to iron out some of the final concerns with aspects of the plan. Items such as strengthening the definition of a "bike friendly street", shifting some of the priorities for the 5 year implementation plan, and defining a minimum car lane width as 10 feet instead of 11, bringing more bike lane projects into the realm of "feasible".

My thanks to everyone who actually sat through the whole thing and gave their speaking time, the perseverance has paid off.

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