Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update On This Week's Council Meeting

The proposal to make certain violations, including sidewalk cycling, be classified so that they may be an infraction or misdemeanor was non-controversial with the council. This was a first reading so it has not been ratified as a change just yet. During my speaking time I also brought up other concerns about sidewalk cycling, the need for safer streets, and alternative enforcement and education possibilities.

I also brought up the bicycle registration ordinance, and after public comments the city attorney acknowledged Santa Monica is indeed not in compliance with state law on this. A change is being drafted, to be discussed as it's own agenda item in a future meeting. Kevin McKeown made a few comments about the need for a broader look at bicycling safety concern and sidewalk riding, and city manager Rod Gould indicating a cross departmental team would be looking at tackling bicycling issues, and that the police department would be involved in this. Having been critical of what always appeared to be a silo approach of every department treating bicycling concerns or problems in their own way, I was glad to hear the city manager emphasize the need for cross departmental collaboration.

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