Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Important Santa Monica City Council Meeting Tonight - Budget Priorities

Santa Monica City Council MeetingTonight the budget priorities for the next 2 years will be discussed by the Santa Monica Council. For cyclists it is important we continue our presence and advocate for some real money. Bicyclists receiving the cracked off chips fallen from the edges of bread crumbs doesn't cut it anymore. Bike parking is still lacking almost everywhere, bike routes are still fragmented, education is still lacking and programs like Bike It Day at the schools operate on shoe string budgets led by volunteers without much city support. I know we can do better, but it's not going to come free, we need to invest in the future.

Sorry for the short notice, but if you can come out and speak tonight, it would be greatly appreciated and could make a real difference. Hopefully some different voices than the usual suspects. 

Santa Monica City Hall, meeting starts at 6:00pm, agenda item is 8B, and will likely come on closer to 8. More details at Santa Monica Spoke.


Anonymous said...

I attended the meeting and spoke. Considering the state of the budget, I think the bike community should come up with no-cost or low-cost ideas for improvement. For instance, your work on getting the city to abandon its onerous fines against cyclists without registration (for a system incapable of dealing with bike theft) was basically a no-cost improvement to bicycling in Santa Monica. What other initiatives could the city take that are similarly no or low cost? Further, what IS the actual cost of painting sharrows or installing more bike racks?

Gary said...

Good points, and I think after this past meeting especially it is clear to me that we need to emphasize the economic benefits of bicycling and stress the cost savings over expenses on other modes.

A low cost initiative I'd like to see is to just paint more bike symbols on the street, both sharrows, and painting more bike symbols on bike lanes. So many of the bike symbols are faded, or spaced so far apart, it is entirely unclear visually that bike lanes are in fact spaces for bikes.