Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Santa Monica Recreation and Parks Commission Bike Committee Meeting Tonight & Bergamot Area Plan Workshop Tomorrow Night

A quick update on the budget discussion last posted about. I didn't have time for a full report, but several members of the public myself included advocated for spending on bike improvements, and Kevin McKeown and Terry O'Day voiced support for bicycling in their comments. O'Day made a point which I wish I had gotten to in my own brief comments, that investing in bicycling transportation can result in potential cost savings by shifting some trips from modes which are more costly to support.

There are two meetings this week of interest for cyclists. Tonight at 7:00pm at the Ken Edwards Center the Santa Monica Recreation and Parks Commission Bike Committee will be discussing bike and ped safety, the Bikeside Life Before License campaign to target hit and run driving, and the role of cycling in the proposed Palisades Garden Walk park.

Tomorrow will be a public workshop at hosted at Pier 59 Studios at 6:30pm, to discuss the area plan for the Bergamot Transit Village proposed development around the coming expo-line stop. Since some new streets are going to be created as part of this plan, I think it's important to voice support for these new streets to be complete streets, designed for comfortable travel of all modes including bicycling. How the community will connect with the new bike path and train will be important, and I imagine the demand for bike parking will be quite high in that environment. As it is the Bergamot Station galleries have almost nothing for bike parking and yet many people bike out to art shows and attach to hand railing and benches. The train and bike path will likely exponentially increase the amount of bike traffic in the area, and I would prefer we design for that ahead of time instead of constantly playing catch up.

More details on both meetings can be found on Santa Monica Spoke. [Bike Committee] [ Bergamot Area Plan]

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