Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I've Been Up To

I've not been posting here as regularly lately, but that is mostly because energy has been going elsewhere. Some of that energy has been going into my contributions to Santa Monica Patch, for a column called Green City, on urban sustainability issues. Some of these posts have been on bicycling related issues, but I'm trying to keep the topics a little broader.

Hope everyone enjoyed CicLAvia 2.0, I was away this time, but I followed the whole thing vicariously via the internet.  Also for anyone interested in keeping up with my goings-on, I also Tweet a fair amount in between the blogging and other things.

I just got back from a week in Portland, and am taking in all that I saw and experienced there. I shot tons of photos of bicycling, transit, and transit oriented development while I was there. Below is a preview, looking at one of the bike corrals that have been springing up all over Portland. I'm so jealous of the bike parking there, it was really quite amazing how much the simple matter of providing bike parking makes you feel welcome to ride a bike. Yes Santa Monica has some bike parking, and does it's bike valet for certain things, but in Santa Monica bike parking is really only a downtown thing, and not even many parts of downtown. In Portland, even far into the neighborhoods, local business all have bike parking, including many with corrals. In SoCal finding good bike parking is surprise, in Portland finding a business without adequate bike parking is an outrage. It's like light and day, we are clearly far behind. 

Business apparently really love the corrals too, because the increased foot traffic they attract compared to a car space, is good for their bottom line. The city cannot keep up with the requests coming in to swap car parking for bike parking. All this in a city with some of the most horrible weather for bicycling I've ever experienced. Sometime soon I'll try to gather all my thoughts into a post on lessons from Portland.

Bike Corral At Powell's Books, Near NW Entrance

Here are the links to my posts for Patch so far:

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