Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Santa Monica Bike Action Plan Goes To Planning Commission Tomorrow, One Of The Last Chances For Input

Santa Monica City Council MeetingThe Santa Monica Bicycle Action Plan makes it's way back to the planning commission tomorrow night (Wed Nov 9th) with a few modifications from the last time around. A few concerns of mine in the previous draft have been addressed, boosting the priority and language for bike share and a Ciclovia style event, 2 big ticket items that previously seemed weakly suggested in the 20 year vision and not the 5 year part of the plan.

This will be one of the last opportunities to give input and shape the plan before it goes to a council vote on Nov 22nd. Unfortunately I've been slammed with a mandatory overtime situation with work and will be unable to attend. I will be composing some further thoughts for the commissioners via e-mail.

If you cannot attend in person, I encourage you to write the commissioners, either to give general support for show enthusiasm to advance bicycling, or give specific feed back or concerns about things you'd like to see addressed in the plan. The agenda includes links to the staff report, which summarizes things and describes some of the changes in the plan, and also includes a link to the latest full draft of the plan.

As I mentioned to Planning Commision Chair Jim Ries, at this point my general impression is that we have a solid plan and vision for building a real viable bike network, one that will be the envy of many communities, but the devil will be in the details of implementation. The plan is more big picture, and does not necessarily define the fine grain details of particular striping on individual resets. To avoid situations like the recent bike lane on 2nd that was panned by myself and some others because of it's obvious conflicts, I suggested more involvement with local cyclists at the engineering stage. At least until such time it seemed apparent the engineers "get it", and I don't think we aren't quite there yet, but getting closer.

We're almost there, it's the final stretch, and I cannot wait for the plan to be ratified so we can move onto next steps of making the awesome happen.

Contact info for planning commission

WEDNESDAY, November 9, 2011

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