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The Santa Monica Patch Posts, A Year Of Writing

My new bike at the mustache bridge:
In other news, I got a new bike! It's pretty.
As I was writing columns for Patch, I'm sure those readers that have stuck with this blog even in times of drought, have no doubt noticed a lot less material posted here. Well my first professional writing stint, for Santa Monica Patch is over, so I will try and get some more original content up here again. I'd also like to remind any blog readers that don't also follow me on the twitterverse, the Twitter is always a good place to find me. I try to keep regular bit's of micro blogging happening there regularly as well posting material I find interesting or links to where else my writing can be found.

To conclude my contributions to the Santa Monica Patch column Green City, I'd like to post up links to the series in it's entirety for anyone interested in the content. Items are posted in order of last to first.

One of my favorite parts of writing this column, titled Green City, was seeing some direct impact in the community because of my writing. The post SMC's Bike-Parking Problems in particular. It got picked up by Santa Monica College students, who rallied around needing more bike parking. A dedicated group formed a committee on the subject, my article was placed on the first agenda, and now a few months later the school is on the verge of instigating a new bike parking master plan and new funds are being allocated. I'll have more details on that if the plan passes, which I hear also includes some provisions for skateboard parking, awesome!

It's kind of a mind trip looking back at the material, especially the first few posts, it feels like ages ago now, and some of my thoughts have evolved since then. If you have been reading along, you've probably also caught some increasing concern and awareness on the connection to all of these topics to world energy issues, particularly oil supply.

This line of thought has been influenced by a lot of reading material I've been going through in the past year, and it will continue to shape my thinking and writing going forward. I have come to the conclusion our energy problems, in transportation primarily, are going to get a lot worse, a lot faster than most people were thinking or preparing for (including myself from a year ago). There will be more on that later, but here are the posts:

Green City (official page does not include link to my last post, Bike Action Plan & Energy Resilience)

Bike Action Plan & Energy Resilience
Reimagining Lincoln Boulevard
Overcoming Jevons Paradox
Alt-Car Alternatives
SMC's Bike-Parking Problems
Taking the Bus: Why It Matters
Bike Action Plan Enters Home Stretch
Pedestrians First
The 'Carmageddon' Transportation Showdown: Lessons Learned
City 2.0
Santa Monica Has New Bike Racks but Proper Locking Technique Is Key
Taking the Sustainability Message Across Party Lines
The Food Truck Revolution
Finding New Spaces for Community Gardens in Santa Monica
How SM Could Become the Cycling Envy of the Nation
Counting Food Miles
The Deeper Problems Behind the Rising Gas Prices
Why Bike Racks Matter to Santa Monica's Buy Local Efforts
The Shared-Use Revolution
Road Rules: Addressing Traffic Safety in Santa Monica
Living Car-Free in Santa Monica
Debunking the Myth That Downtown Needs More Car Parking
Lessons Learned from Long Beach's Bike Planning
Would Bergamot Village Be Well-Suited for Sustainability?
City Aims to Spur Bicycle Use

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