Monday, February 13, 2012

Turtle Meets Bike

I'm currently helping take care of a turtle for a friend out of town, named Funky Pajamas. He mostly hangs out in the water in his aquarium, but we recently let him outside for a little adventure and exercise.  He immediately took to wanting to climb all over our bicycles. So I pulled out the phone and snapped some silly video and a few pictures. Turtle and bicycle, together at last.

Turtle Meets Bike


Will K said...

Well at least he looks happy...a few years ago, I was riding my bike home at night, and what I thought was a rock that fell off a truck in the middle of the road was actually a giant turtle. Or maybe tortoise. I can't remember the difference. I was riding my folding bike at the time, and I popped the front wheel off to see how it compared to the size of the shell. The shell wasn't perfectly round, of course, but it was almost the same size as the wheel, which is something, considering it was a 26" wheel on my bike! (Then I called animal control to come get the turtle before he was run over)

Will Campbell said...

Funky Pajamas is the best name ever for a turtle.