Friday, September 28, 2012

Carmageddon 2: A Time To Celebrate

On the eve of the second coming of (non)Carmageddon, Wolfpack and friends have put together an all city ride to celebrate. It's not a race against a jet this time, but instead a ride to bring people together from all over LA to go see the 405 in all it's empty glory, and go party at Dockweiler Beach. The organizing for this event is rather last minute, which feels familiar, but it should be a fun time.

Numerous other rides and events are going on, some hosted by bike advocacy groups like LACBC and CICLE, and some events having nothing to do with bikes, all in the new trend that major freeway shutdowns in the capital of freeways are a time to have fun. I love it! So there are a variety of events and rides at different times, places and distance levels to choose from. Don't stay home, go out make fun happen by bike & Metro. Let's show Los Angeles it doesn't need cars to have a good time.

I'll be hosting a ride to the Expo Line from the Santa Monica pier (at the cannon) at noon (11:30 meet up, rolling at 12:00pm sharp), to make our way out to meet up with the main group if anyone wants to hop along. The plan is depending on group size we hop train, or if that is too unmanageable, some of us will ride and some can hop train if they want to.

Also feel free to join along the route if you don't want to start at the pier, we'll be doing one loop through the Windward Circle for those wanting to jump on in Venice, and we'll be taking Fiji way to the creek path through Marina Del Rey, following the path to the La Cienaga Expo Station. For full details on everything check out the links below, and if you come along, I recommend bringing plenty of water and a few snacks. This won't be a Wolfpack pace, but it is shaping up to be quite a few miles, so stay hydrated and get your calories, yadda yadda yadda.

The main group will roll out from LA City Hall in front of the new Grand Park, with rides converging there from 1-2pm, and a last call roll out time of 3pm from Downtown LA.

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The full map is below (centered on the Westside feeder route), and may feature changing details or new feeder routes as things get nailed down.


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