Monday, September 8, 2008

Uneventful Rides

A lot of us die hard cyclists spend a fare amount of time pointing out the wrongs of reckless driving and the failures of public infrastructure, all to try and make the world a perfect place for bikes. The problem is, like the sensationalized media stories that make biking in L.A. out to be warfare on wheels, it can skew the perception of reality. Yes in L.A. if you ride a bike you will encounter ass hole drivers, poorly planned streets, and hazardous road conditions. It's the nature of things here.

However the mass majority of riding is pretty uneventful, especially in my home town of Santa Monica. Most drivers give plenty of passing room, a few in fact give too much passing room, and I worry they are going to crash into some center divider trying to give me more space then necessary. Most rides to work, nothing notable happens, especially since I rerouted most of my daily commute to Broadway instead of the more direct but hazardous Olympic. It should be noted here that route planning is absolutely one of the most important factors in having a safe commute.

There is certainly a lot of room for improvement, and in L.A. especially. So we'll keep on fighting for safer streets and more accommodating infrastructure. The truth is though, that everyday millions of people in cities across the country ride their bikes to work, for errands, for recreation, and have a great day. My rides to and from work went by without a hitch all last week and nothing to report on this morning as per usual. So ride a bike, and leave the flak jacket at home.

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Will Campbell... said...

Bravo! While I try to never let down my guard, the fact is for every 100 miles I ride, only a few hundred feet are what I would call "eventful." Most of it is ho-hum.