Monday, January 26, 2009

Downtown Los Angeles To Downtown San Diego

(Creative Commons Photo By Kate Davidson)

I rode with friends from Union Station in Downtown LA on Saturday morning, all the way down, way down, to San Diego. It was 130 miles in all, with 30 miles of rain in the first stretch to Long Beach, and various mishaps, resulting in the trip being an all day and some night adventure. There will be more on some of the mishaps later in a discussion of atrocious road conditions in Los Angeles and their relationship to accidents (thankfully there were no serious injuries). However once we got really rolling and the sun came out it was an amazingly beautiful day for riding with puffy clouds shaped like layers of cake frosting.

Thanks to Drew for the place to stay the night, and huge props to Katie Kelly of the San Diego crew The Cretins, for the great hospitality and most amazingly awesome vegan pancakes on the planet the following morning (this view may be influenced by my extreme hunger at the time, nom nom nom).

Props are also deserved to Amtrak for hooking us up with our own unused baggage room on the train to store our plethora of bikes for the ride home. This further reinforced my belief that trains and bikes are highly complimentary modes of energy efficient transportation, and their combination is like a super mega transit zord or something to that effect (I need to make a drawing of that).

Now I am in the healing process as my legs recover from the first ride to really give me some lasting hurt in quite a long time. Sometimes pain can feel so good. It makes me feel more alive to really accomplish something with my body, which basically sits idle at a computer in my line of work. Cycling gives a much needed contrast in my life.


RussRoca said...

dang. that's a long ride!

Ed Greenberg said...

Well, that's certainly beyond my range, but I had an interesting experience when taking the trip on the surfliner. All three bike racks were full. I expected to be denied boarding (or at least to be told I had to chain my bike up at the station if I wanted to board) but they surprised me by directing me to an otherwise empty baggage room.

I'm not sure how large your group was, but I suspect that it's worth calling ahead and letting them know that a bunch of bikes are expecting to travel. They clearly have the capability to handle more than three bikes.

On another topic, can you please post your route? You obviously didn't ride down I-5 :)

Gary said...

I'll ask my friend Drew for a copy of the route, and attach it to this post as an update. I don't remember it super clearly, but the gist of it was LA river path to Long Beach then PCH most of the way. Also we did in fact, at least for a brief stretch, ride on the I-5. I'll also note how the beginning of the route to the path could have been changed to likely avoid the accidents we had, but no one wanted to listen to me.

Will Campbell... said...

Wow. Congrats on a successful long-distance excursion. Way to push the boundaries!

keepitflowing said...

Hi there, randomly came across your blog when looking for routes from SD to LA. Sounds amazing, good job stranger! Would it be possible to email me your route as well ( How long did the whole trip take? Thanks much!

Heather said...

i also just came on this and i would love to get your route as well....can you pass it on to


Delia said...

i too am looking for a decent route to san diego - and don't see it as an attachment on this post - is it possible to email it as well? sorry - think you're getting bombarded with this request!