Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Racing Update: Some Shots Of Me In Action, And I'm Cat 4 Now And Stuff

I've sort of been blundering my way through Category 5 (the entry level for men's road racing) with mixed results, so far not breaking lucky number 13th place, which I've gotten twice. I can tell I am getting stronger, but I still have a lot to learn about strategy and properly timing my efforts. I've been discovering what my stronger and weaker points are, and trying to get a little more serious in my training to balance my self out. My top end speed in a sprint is decently quick, but I can't hold it long enough yet to make a break if I go too early, and if I am too conservative I end up in a position with no clear path to blast off in the end. The fairly hilly road race this past weekend revealed I still have a lot of work to do on climbing.

It's all been fun though, and I enjoy pushing my self. I'll keep trying and hopefully I can get some top ten finishes this year, now upgraded as a Category 4 racer, where it actually starts to count for something. I think most people consider it a victory if you get out of Cat 5 without getting in any of the crashes it is known for, which I have been fortunate enough to avoid.

Here are some shots of me in action at the Ontario Easter Sunday Grand Prix:

Me Through The Turn

My Grimace Face

Me Going Off The Front A Bit Too Early

And a bonus special image of Meghan who also raced that weekend in the entry women's category. She was really stoked to hang with the pack for the whole race after being dropped in her first race attempt last year. She has gotten more serious about her training in recent months, and it showed in a world of improvement over where she was at a year ago. Go Meghan! Fwoosh!

Meghan Goes Fwoosh


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Gary! That's a heck of an accomplishment. Hopefully, one of the days I'll get to see you race.

RussRoca said...

Nice. Congrats guys!

mikeyp said...

Congrats! Im hoping to join you in Cat 4 soon!